Men's Baths

Mens Baths

In 1871 the first gentlemen’s pool was developed. It was known as Clarke’s Hole. This pool was expanded and became a prime swimming attraction in 1899. The pool ranged from 4 feet to 7 feet deep. It included a concrete wall that allowed the pool to remain full at low tide and enabled the waves to roll over in high tide without danger to those inside.

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In 1916 the Wollongong Council permitted women and children to use the Men’s Baths under certain restrictions, as a vast majority of men had signed up for war. In the 1920s, a pool for toddlers was built beside the Men’s Baths, however, this was reportedly washed away in 1930. With the opening of the Continental Bath in 1923, the Men’s Baths were no longer considered the primary swimming venue. In 1932 the changing sheds were pulled down and concrete sheds were erected further back from the pool. The wood left over from the sheds was collected and distributed to local residents. The toddler’s pool was rebuilt during the 1950s, however, it is no longer in use as it is considered unsafe. The Men’s Bath is still in use today.

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Historical Significance of the Gentlemen's Bath

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