Additional Lesson Ideas

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The Blue Mile:

-   Create a map of the area showing the significant features. This could be done by hand or using computer software.

-   Use Google Maps or Google Earth to explore the area of The Blue Mile.

-   Summarise the main events from newspaper articles on the area.


Flagstaff Hill:

-   Imagine you were manning the disappearing gun on Flagstaff Hill. Write 3 journal entries reflecting upon the past month. What did you find difficult? What did you enjoy about it?

-   Write up a timeline of the events surrounding this area. Pick one aspect that you found the most interesting. Draw a picture to represent this and write a description of what is happening.


Smith’s Hill Fort:

-   Imagine you are a detective investigating a case in the Wollongong area. You find the Smith’s Hill Fort photograph. Who is the mysterious man in the suit and hat?

-   Design a poster advertising Smith’s Hill Fort reopening. Think about use of colour, size of words, pictures, slogans etc.


Belmore Basin

-   Research and write a report about coffer dams.

-   Create a scale drawing of the basin by converting feet to metres (300 feet by 150 feet is the size of the basin).



-   Compare the mining of coal in the 1860’s to now days. What has changed? How much coal was and is now exported? Have work conditions changed and how?


Ocean Baths

-   Research the swimming attire that was worn in the 1800’s and create your own design to suit the requirements of the time.





-   Timeline Activity


- Print the timeline pdf document below.


- Cut up the paragraphs within the timeline.


- Shuffle them up and, in pairs, take turns in placing the timeline back in the correct order.


Check your timeline against the one on the website to see if you were correct!

Government Timeline Activity


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