Pre- Excursion

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Students learn to:

-   Read, view, write, listen to and talk about a range of subject matter

-   Locate information using reference and information skills

-   Select appropriate sources of information by considering the usefulness, accuracy, reliability and validity of information

-   Use a variety of sources including the internet, reference texts, artefacts, primary sources, archives, people and the media to gain information

-   Work productively as a member of a group

-   Appreciate the value of preserving and conserving our heritage


Students learn about:

-   The history of their local area and how it connects to them

-   Significant places and people from the past



-   Introduce students to the location and provide a brief overview of the history of the Blue Mile (the Blue Mile is located in the Wollongong area from Flagstaff Hill to North Beach along the shore line). This could be done by using a map of the area to generate a discussion and discover what students already know. This could then lead into exploring the Blue Mile website.


-   Split the class into groups, giving each group a different topic:


   - North Beach (including the Bathers Pavilion, Kiosk and Surf Club)

   - Baths/Pools (nun’s/chain, women’s, men’s and continental)


   - Courthouse and government land


   - Belmore Basin

   - Brighton Beach

   - Breakwater Lighthouse


   - Flagstaff Hill (Lighthouse, canons, underground canon)

   - Smiths Hill Fort


-   Students are required to research their topics and put together a summary to present to their class during the excursion. This presentation should include a description of the area, the historical significance, any major people   and events associated with the site. To assist them with consolidating their information a template has been provided (see Blackline Master 1 in the Teacher Handbook pdf, found within the 'Teacher' tab above). The presentation should run for around 5-10 minutes with each member of the group contributing as a speaker at some point.


-   Students will also plan an activity sheet to give to the other class members to complete after presenting their topic information on the excursion. Activities may include:

      • Build a crossword/find-a-word (could use a free online site)
      • Cloze passage
      • Question and answer sheet
      • Map with missing details to fill in
      • Students take photographs or draw pictures of significant areas


-   Students will need to access the Blue Mile website and other relevant primary and secondary sources (list in Resources section) to assist them in developing their presentation and activity over a number of lessons.

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